NEW!! Ford Model A B air cleaner K&N style filter vintage Tillotson Zenith Carb

NEW!! Ford Model A B air cleaner K&N style filter vintage Tillotson Zenith Carb

Ford Model A “Low Profile” Above-Carb Air Cleaner System


I bring to you the “Low Profile” Hi-Boy filter!!

This Low Profile Hi-Boy Model “A” air cleaner system comes equipped with a K&N style filter, which is washable and reusable. The intake is made up of two solid Copper 90-degree elbows and soldered together (NOT epoxy). The system also includes stainless steel hose clamps for many trouble-free years of service!! This filter is PERFECT for ALL original/stock or slightly modified engines. This system will fit many different carburetor manufactures, i.e. Tillotson, Zenith, Marvel and any other carburetor that has the same size inlet diameters as the ones I have listed. The efficiency of my system over the others makes this purchase a NO BRAINER. It will not only increase your engine LIFE, but its super lightweight, and the “look” of it makes it a system that looks great on EVERY Model-A, Restored or Un-restored. NO OTHER AIR CLEANER CAN COMPETE. Please note the last picture! If your fuel line has been altered differently, it may need to be re-routed in order to clear the air cleaner and this shows "approximately" how much clearance you will have around the filter when it's installed.

 The reason why I call this a “Low Profile” system is due to its overall height from the carb to the filter. There are other companies out there who sell similar system's that have the air filters positioned much higher than mine; those will actually RESTRICT airflow going into carb. When using an up-draft carburetor, with an upright filter system like this one, you need to have the filter as low and as close as you can to the carburetor!!

NOTE: If you are using a Model “B” carb, please let me know by emailing me before or after it’s purchased, so I can include the correct coupler for your application!

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY OTHER QUESTIONS, also I WILL combine shipping on ALL items whenever possible!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able,  "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me