28-48 Model A B 18 Banjo Rear End Ring & Pinion Puller Kit 2 1/8 Nut Wrench

28-48 Model A B 18 Banjo Rear End Ring & Pinion Puller Kit 2 1/8 Nut Wrench

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1928-1948 Ford

Model A, B/18, 48 & up  

"BANJO" Ring & Pinion Puller Kit

Comes with "2" Pinion Nut Wrenches

This puller is a must-have for anyone who plans on replacing the Ring & Pinion in their BANJO rear-end or taking apart the rear end for a rebuild. When installed correctly, you will be able to pull the pinion gear, bearing, bearing race and drive shaft in one unit, with "NO" risk in damaging the threads on the drive shaft. This is a perfect tool for the "weekend" mechanic or the professional. ALL of the parts are made from 1/4" thick plate steel (made in USA), TIG welded, painted black and comes with all the necessary Grade 5 hardware. A complete set of instructions with a detailed assembly drawing are also included. It includes everything you see in the pictures. YES, it does INCLUDE, 2 pinion nut wrenches, which have a 3/8" square cut-out at the end of the wrench to allow the use of a 3/8" ratchet... To help out with those really tight or rusted on nuts. These 2 wrenches ARE required to complete the job from start to finish! 

PLEASE NOTE, that these wrenches are for " 2 1/8" pinion nuts. I would highly recommend that you check the pinion nut size prior to ordering. Some later Banjo's have 1 7/8" pinion nuts, which could result in some modification being required to the wrenches to fit that application.

 PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able,  "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me. For every "good" housing I receive, I can offer you either a Credit on your purchase or I will pay cash or PayPal. The amount of credit will be based on the condition of the housing only.(no cracks or missing pieces please!)