35 - 48 Model B 18 48 Rear spring spreader Lincoln Mercury Coupe Sedan

35 - 48 Model B 18 48 Rear spring spreader Lincoln Mercury Coupe Sedan

Model “48” and up '32-'34 Ford Model “B/18” Rear Spring ONLY.

Please see item number 160511298909 (tool required for front spring removal).

Front/Rear Spring Spreader

1935-1948 Cars and Trucks

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This spring spreader will fit Model B/18's (rear spring only!), Model 48's, and up to 1948 cars and trucks with or without V8’s. This tool will work on ORIGINAL style springs. This is an "all" USA steel constructed (with Grade 5 hardware), B7 (hardened threaded rod), MIG welded, Painted Black or Grey, Heavy Duty spreader that is designed to have an adjusting range of approximately 12 inches (from 36” to 48”), enough to accommodate both the front and rear springs. YES, both. It’s an “All-in-one” tool! Also to be able to withstand an enormous amount of pressure that "IS" required in doing any kind of service work on your front or rear springs and its components. The leaf spring must be compressed/spread a great deal in order to relieve the pressure that’s placed on the shackles that connect the leaf spring to the rear end of your vehicle. Without MY tool or one similar, it makes replacing the shackles or removing the leaf spring nearly impossible.

A set of detailed instructions will be included.

This tool "may" also work with other applications other than FORD, like Lincoln or Mercury. So please email me with your vehicle description and measurements (i.e. Make, Model, Year, Car/Truck, 2 dr., 4 dr., wagon etc., center to center distance of the shackles and the width of the springs).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able,  "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me