Ford Model A Clutch Adjusting Arm Tool Heavy Duty Wrench "One Hand" 28 29 30 31

Ford Model A Clutch Adjusting Arm Tool Heavy Duty Wrench "One Hand" 28 29 30 31

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FORD Model A Clutch Adjusting Tool

This FORD Model A Clutch Tool is a MUST have for every Model A owner! This tool allows you to adjust the clutch linkage while under the car. There's NO need for a second person to operate the clutch pedal. This is one convenient tool, to say the least. This all USAsteel constructed, TIG welded, Heavy Duty Clutch Tool is designed for years of service. This tool makes an otherwise troublesome job, far easier than before!

NOTE:  This tool also comes with an "Anti-Slip" handle for safety.... Just in case your hands maybe a bit greasy!!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able,  "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me through any one of eBay listings. For every "good" housing I receive, I can offer you either a Credit on your purchase or I will pay cash or PayPal. The amount of credit will be based on the condition of the housing only.(no cracks or missing pieces please!)

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS, AND REMEMBER TO PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK. I will combine shipping on ALL items whenever possible!!

There will be listings for driveshaft loops for 82-87 G-Body, 64-72 A-Body, 71-77 H-Body (Vega), and 79-04 Mustang, more Model A tools such as, shock kits, steering wheel/fan blade pullers, spoke wheel straighteners, Hub pullers (banjo) and also an Air Cleaner system with a "K&N" filter.