Ford Model A Cylinder Head Nut Wrench Torque Tool 1928 - 31 Distributor

Ford Model A Cylinder Head Nut Wrench Torque Tool 1928 - 31 Distributor

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Ford Model A Head Nut Wrench

This tool is a MUST have in every Ford Model A owners toolbox. Works on all 4 cylinders. This wrench allows you to torque the head nut (that's located on each side of the distributor) without having to remove the distributor, distributor cap or the advancing rod. Which you normally had to do in the past. The time savings on this tool would pay for itself the first one or two times you use it!!

It's entirely constructed out of a SINGLE PIECE of solid USA made 3/8" thick plate steel. CNC laser cut and formed to the angles needed to clear the distributor and block. It has a Laser cut 1/2" square driven end to accommodate just about any kind of ratchet or Torque Wrench. The other end is also laser cut to except the 11/16" Head nut, then Painted Ford Green. Please take a look at the pictures I have in my listing to show how the wrench would be used. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able,  "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me through anyone of eBay listings. For every "good" housing I receive, I can offer you either a Credit on your purchase or I will pay cash or PayPal. The amount of credit will be based on the condition of the housing only.(no cracks or missing pieces please!)