Model A T Rear Leaf Spring Spreader King Pin Shackle V8 HD USA New!

Model A T Rear Leaf Spring Spreader King Pin Shackle V8 HD USA New!

Ford Model A "Rear" Spring Spreader

“Updated Version”

Based on customer requests and demand, I decided to manufacture these once again, but with a couple of improvements over my original design. One being thrust bearings and the other being thumb screws. Please read below for details.

 This Heavy-Duty REAR spring spreader will fit Model A and Model T rear springs up to 1931. This all USA steel-constructed, TIG and MIG welded, an extra heavy spreader is designed to have an adjustable range of MORE THEN 10 inches (Adjustable range numbers are below) and to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure that's required when servicing the rear spring and its components. It comes powder coated satin black (body of tool), yellow-painted feet (for visibility), ALL grade 8 yellow zinc plated hardware for strength and durability and most importantly two thrust bearings (one for each side). These added thrust bearings help to reduce the amount of force needed to rotate the nut (when in use) by approximately 50%, transforming it into a tool that anyone can use.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you look at picture 3 and 4 in my listing you’ll notice that the spreader “feet” are rotated downward and there is a Thumbscrew at each end the tool. The thumbscrews are an option at I added so when the tool isn’t being used, you can “set” the feet for easy storage. This allows it to sit in an upright position only taking up approximately 3” versus laying it down (it can also be hung this way). These thumbscrews also allow you to carry or transport the tool WITHOUT running the risk of having them falling out.  These are ONLY used when storing and MUST be removed when using the tool!!!

The leaf spring must be compressed in order to relieve the pressure to replace the shackles that connect the leaf spring to the rear-end of the vehicle. Without MY tool or one similar, it makes replacing the shackles or removing your leaf spring a fairly difficult task.

Starting Range "without" thrust bearings is 35-1/2" to over 46”

Starting Range "with" thrust bearings is 36-3/8" to over 46”