Model A Two,  1 7/8 Nut Wrenches For Ring & Pinion.

Model A Two, 1 7/8 Nut Wrenches For Ring & Pinion.

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1928-1948 Ford

"BANJO" Pinion Nut Wrenches Comes with "2" Pinion Nut Wrenches. 

Model A, B/18, 48 & up 

These wrenches are a must-have for anyone who plans on replacing the Ring & Pinion in their BANJO rear-end or taking apart the rear end for a rebuild. These wrenches are the perfect tool for the "weekend" mechanic or the professional. Made from 1/4" thick plate steel (made in USA) and Powder Coated Black. These 2 pinion nut wrenches also have a 3/8" square cut-out at the end of the wrench to allow the use of a 3/8" ratchet... To help out with those really tight or rusted on nuts. These 2 wrenches ARE required to complete the job from start to finish! 

Please NOTE: These wrenches will ONLY work with 1-7/8" Pinion Nuts (which are in the later Banjo's).

Please check your Pinion Nut size BEFORE Purchasing!

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any Rebuild-able, "Original" Model A water pump housings you would like to SELL, please contact me. For every "good" housing I receive, I can offer you either a Credit on your purchase or I will pay cash or PayPal. The amount of credit will be based on the condition of the housing only. (no cracks or missing pieces please!)